squash soup

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Serves: 4-6

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-1 small squash
-1 large carrot
-1 large yam
-1 head of garlic
-vegetable stock
-olive oil
-soy/hemp/rice/almond milk
-tahini paste
-curry paste
-1 tsp cumin seeds


bake yam and squash in over until tender.
in a baking pan, roast the pepper and garlic in oil.
in a soup pot, bloom the cumin seeds in oil until they are brown. add 8 cups of water and add veg stock proportionally. cut the carrot into chunks and boil the carrot in the stock. add the yam, squash, pepper, and garlic when they have cooked and blend with stock with submersible blender to desired texture. (otherwise.. I'm sure you could puree everything in a food processor and then add it or mash it with a potato masher).
heat ___ milk seperately, then add to pot (to prevent curdling). add a few spoonfulls of tahini as well.
add curry paste to taste.

variations: Emily adds whole cashews to her squash soup. I enjoy!!


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