Truffle Scented cream of Cauliflower soup.

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Damn simple and yummy!!

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins

Serves: 1

Dietary guidance: v 


Cauliflower- 200 gms ( chopped)
Garlic - 4 cloves
Onions- 1 whole quartered
Leeks - 50 gms
Button mushrooms- 3-5 pieces of halved
Olive oil - for cooking the veggies
Milk- 500 ml
Cream-100 ml
Butter - 200 gms
Truffle Oil- 20 ml


Roughly Chope the onions , leeks and crush the garlic.
Heat the olive oil and once nice n hot chuck the onions , leeks and garlic in and cook for abt 8 mins then throw in the caluliflower and cook for another 7 mins.
Pour in the milk and cook till everything is nice n soft.
Blend the mixture and add the cream
Strain and add the salt m pepper and truffle oil.
Season it to your taste.

Also if you reduce the soup you get a wicked sauce for any meat dish..

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