Honey Beef with Raspberry Mushrooms

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Hamburger or steak, honeyed and topped with sage and raspberry mushrooms. Sweet, tangy and utterly amazing.

Preparation time: 30 min.
Cooking time: 10 min.

Serves: 1+


1/4 c. white or baby bella mushrooms, sliced.
1/4 c. raspberry vinaigrette
1/8 tsp. sage or ginger (I prefer ginger)
1/2 lb. ground beef (or to desired burger size) OR
8 oz. steak
2 tbs. honey
optional: muenster cheese


In bag or bowl, marinate the mushrooms in the vinaigrette and spice for an hour.

Make your patties with some light spicing thrown in, though avoid onion powder or garlic or other strong spices.

On Grill (or in ungreased pan) cook burgers or steak, spreading honey over both sides halfway through cooking. While burgers cook, stir up and cook the mushrooms in a medium-heat fry pan for 5 minutes. Just to mix the flavors and start caramelizing the vinaigrette. You want to burn off the vinegar and leave the raspberry. Top beef with mushrooms and serve.

Serve as desired, on bun or without, with cheese or without.

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