Katsudon/ Tonkatsu

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Deep fried pork loin wif sweet egg sauce on rice/ plain old deep fried porkloin wif sweetsour sauce n mayo

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Serves: 1


Boneless pork loin 200g, 4 eggs, onions 50g, 1 bowl of rice, japanese dried kelp soup, bread crumbs(preferably jap brand) 4 big table spoons, flour 1 table spoon

Mirin 1/2 cup, Jap dried fish soy sauce 1 cup, sugar 1 tablespoon, jap wine, 1/2 cup, salt 1/3 teaspoon, pepper 1/3 teaspoon

For tonkatsu sauce: Bulldog tonkatsu sauce, Jap mayo


Beat up the 2 eggs in a bowl, slice the onions into small strips

Cut the veins of the pork loin in 4 corners and hammer slightly with the back of the knife to make it more tender.

Marinate both sides with salt and pepper for use later

Next, cover both sides with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and slightly pat so that the breadcrumbs are firmly attached to the pork.

Fry the pork loin in oil(140 to 150 degree) until it takes its shape then turn over. Continue frying until the pork loin floats. Remove from oil and drain on Kitchen paper and then cut into wide strips.

For Tonkatsu: pour tonkatsu sauce and mayo over if consuming immediately, if not put sauce on side for dipping.

For Katsudon:
Add 1 cup kelp soup, wine, mirin, soy sauce, sugar into wok and cook until dissolved, turn to medium-high heat until sauce is cooked.

In a don wok/saucepan, add in 1/2 cup of the sauce cooked, as above, onions and a bit of kelp soup and boil. Add the pork loin on top of the onions and pour 1 or 2 beaten egg on top and cover but leave a slight hole and cook for 10 seconds. Turn off heat and wait for 1 minute and pour over a bowl of rice.

Tada!!! I present u Katsudon!!!!

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