Bye Bye Seafood KaukSwe

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My version of Burmese kaukswe (pronounced 'cow-sway) that I made for some friends before I left for India. A good hearty main dish for a group. A bit like a Malaysian laksa

Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 1 hour

Serves: 10


1. Seafood:
Fish, prawns, squid - red snapper, yellowtail, monkfish and other such firm fish with not too many bones are good to use. About 1-1.5kg

* You can of course use pork or chicken or lamb as well

2. Onions - 6 meidum sized pink onions, pureed.

3. Ginger - Garlic paste - mashed - 1.5 tablespoon

4. Sambal Olek paste - 3-4 tablspoons

5. Sugar - 1tsp; Salt to taste

6. Coconut milk - 500-700ml, or more if you want a thin curry

7. Thin or flat or glass or cellophane noodles - enough to go around...


8. Crushed roasted peanuts
9. Finely chopped fresh green chillies
10. Tons of fresh chopped coriander
11. Toasted garlic flakes
12. Dried red chilli flakes
13. Finely chopped spring onions


Cook's Tip: Marinade seafood in chili, honey for 1-2 hours beforehand. If you're doing this omit the sugar in the recipe. Also, cooking on a slow low flame really works but takes time!

In the largest saucepan/wok you have, heat 3-4 tablespoons peanut/sesame oil on a low flame till its hot. Put in the pureed onions and stir, cook till then get translucent. You may need to add a few teaspoons of water if it starts to stick. Best to be around at this stage.
At the ginger garlic paste, sugar, salt (however, check the ingredients on the sambal paste. It usually hasa lot of salt in it) and stir and cook some more, about15 mins on a really low flame. You want the ingredients to really blend well
Add sambal paste, cook for about 5-7 mins
The ingredients should form a nice thick paste
Add the coconut milk, and more if you want a thinner curry.
Add the seafood right after, and cook the whole lot for a bit till the creatures are done.
Depending on when you're serving, cook the noodles.

Place the curry in a big bowl on the table and noodles in bowls for each person.
All the garnishings should be in small bowls within easy reach of everybody, so if you have a big group of people have two sets of each garnishing for each end of the table.
Everyone ladles the curry onto the noodles and experiments with the garnishings they'd like on it. The curry doesnt work without the garnishings so mix n' match and create a new mouthful everytime!

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