Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

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[40 Cal for 2 bites]

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Serves: Makes 10 bites

Dietary guidance: v 


3/4 cup Cool Whip Free

5 tbsp. fat-free cream cheese; softened

1 tbsp. SPLENDA, Granular

10 tsp. HERSHEY'S Sugar Free Syrup


Using a fork, vigorously mix Cool Whip, cream cheese and Splenda until smooth and well blended.

Evenly distribute mixture into 10 sections of an ice cube tray.

Tap tray firmly on the counter a few times to get mixture to settle flat.

Next, top each with a teaspoon of chocolate syrup.

Tap tray again to settle.Place tray in freezer until Bites are solid -- at least 2 hours.

Once frozen, Cheesecake Bites should pop out easily (if not, run the bottom of the tray under the faucet for a few seconds to loosen them).

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