Ferakh bel Tamatem *sauteed chicken breasts with tomatoes *

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This recipe is soo good. The smell while its cooking, the way it tastes..mmm I promise this will become a new family favorite!

Preparation time:
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Serves: 4


1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon sunflower or vegetable oil (I use canola)
4 chicken breast halves, with or without skin
salt and pepper
4 cloves garlic, crushed (add more if you like lots of garlic)
1 pound tomatoes, peeled and cut into small pieces (I use one large can of diced tomatoes just fine)
1-2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (or as much as you want - I just put it on til it looks good to me)


Heat the butter with the oil in a skillet. Put in the chicken breasts, season with salt and pepper, and brown them lightly on both sides. Add the garlic, tomatoes, sugar, and cinnamon. Cook for 15-20 minutes, or until the chicken is done but still juicy.

Serve with rice, couscous, or pasta

*this can also be made in the crock pot - don't add your rice to the crock pot though*

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