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Healthy Scrummy Breakfast

Preparation time: 2 mins plus waiting time
Cooking time: 10 mins


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raw unsalted nuts - 250g or 500g of each type. I use cashew, brazil, hazelnut, almond and pecans.
Grape Nuts
Milk (dairy, rice, soya etc)


Pour nuts onto a baking tray and cook them at 180 Celcius for 10 mins, stirring once. Depending on the quantity you may need to cook a little longer. The nuts are ready when they begin to disperse a lovely nutty aroma. Stir, and turn the oven off, but leave the nuts inside.

When the nuts are cool, store them. A large glass jar stores them attractively. Take a handfull of the roast nuts and chop finely.
Take a breakfast bowl. Chop your choice of fruit (I always have a banana, unless we are out, when I chop up an apple. Blueberries are very nice, as are strawberries, or raspberries.
Pour some oats and some grape nuts over the fruit, and top with the chopped nuts.
Pour milk over.
Settle back and enjoy every delicious mothful, marvelling how a dish so healthy can taste so gooooooood.

Plus you have a glass jar full of the crunchiest nuts, full of flavour with no salt, the perfect snack food.

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