Hot Chicken & Hallumi Salad

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Hot Chicken Salad

Preparation time: 10mins
Cooking time: 30mins

Serves: 4

Dietary guidance: v 

Tags: salad · main · course ·


2 chicken breasts - cubed
4 smoked bacon rashers (trimmed of fat) - chopped
1 block of Hallumi - sliced
mushrooms - chopped
2 handfuls of pasta
mixed leafy salad items incl fresh corriander, flat leaf parsley and basil & cherry toms


dry fry hallumi, chop into chunks.
fry chkn, bacon, shrooms, garlic & rosemary.
mix all ingrediants with cooked pasta and toss salad leaves into dish and serve with garlic bread.

leave out meat for vegetarian option.

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