Sambal Belachan

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A paste of ground/pounded fresh red chilies and toasted dried shrimp paste

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100 g (6-8) fresh red chilies
40 g toasted belachan (dried shrimp paste)
Salt and sugar to taste


Wash fresh red chilies but do not deseed in order to keep its spiciness.

Leave in a colander and air-dry for about an hour.

In a mortar, use a pestle and pound the chili and belachan together to the desired consistency.

Alternatively, process in the electric blender or food processor - you may need to add a little liquid (eg. honey lime/calamansi juice) to work the machine, but be careful not to use too much liquid or else the paste will be too watery and may not taste good.

Season to taste with salt and sugar.

Note: If using calamansi juice, be sure to reduce the honey lime/calamansi juice in the kerabu or salads recipes to taste.

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