Herb Vinegar

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When I used to have the time I used to make my own herb vinegar and oils, they are lot nicer than shop bought!

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White or red wine vinegars and cider vinegar are good for steeping herbs. Lightly bruise the herbs first.

Herbs basically of your choice!


Put about 2oz of lightly bruised herbs or a few cloves of crushed garlic or shallot in to a sterilised heatproof bottle.

Bring 16fl oz/500 ml of vinegar just to the boil. Pour the vinegar in to the bottle/s and seal it or them.

Let the herbs steep for at least 2 weeks.

Shake the bottle occassionaly. Filter the vinegar through muslin or paper coffee filters will do into a new sterilised bottle.

For an attractive presentation add a fresh herb sprig to the bottle before pouring in the strained vinegar for the final time.

Cork the bottle and store in a cool, dark place.


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