Franco Calamari Calabrese - From High Note Café, South Philly

Preparation time: 3.5 Hours Medium


This Calamari Calabrese takes a little bit of effort and forward planning, but the results are worth it!


  • 1lb Calamari for every two people (fresh or frozen)
  • White wine - one cup of wine you would like to drink
  • One medium onion of your choice
  • Clove of Garlic
  • Olive oil as needed
  • Four cups (approx: 1 dozen) whole Italian Roma tomatoes
  • One cup whole hot cherry peppers
  • Basil - four leaves or substitute dried
  • Crushed black pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Optional - Parsley for Garnish


Clean and cut Calamari tubes into ½ inch slices, or ask for pre-cleaned tubes and tentacles.

In a medium pot sauté chopped onion and garlic in Olive oil (don’t be cheap with the oil) for 5 min then add sliced squid & sauté for 20 min or until it is white.

Now add the wine, reduce and add the whole Italian tomatoes with the cherry peppers without the juice. Add basil, black pepper and salt to taste.

Cook for about 1 hour on medium heat, then rest for 2 to 3 hours to cool down, then refrigerate overnight.

Reheat, garnish with fresh parsley, and serve.

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