Liver, Leek & onions with gravy

Preparation time: 20 Cooking time: 30 - 40 Medium Serves: 2 - 4


An pretty quick casserole / stew type dish. One of them recipes that looks & smells gross when making it, looks & tastes good when it's done, though.


  • 0.336kg of Lambs Liver
  • 1x Onion
  • 1x large leek
  • couple of medium/large mushrooms
  • 300ml - 500ml BISTO gravy, or some other form of beef gravy
  • Butter, Olive oil, sunflower oil or lard for the pan (any old cooking oil will do, really)
  • Salt + ground pepper


  1. Get a LARGE(ish) frying pan / saute pan heating up ready to go

  2. This is the grossest part of the recipe… chop up the lambs liver into cubes. You may want to do this on a large, clean plate rather than a chopping board as there is LOTS of blood involved (and it smells b****y awful too). Put it to one side, clean up the resulting mess, wash your hands.

  3. Peel & Chop the Onion, do the same with the leek.

  4. stick the chopped liver (including the blood) into the frying pan, quickly following by the chopped leek & onion. stir occasionally.

  5. Rinse mushrooms under the tap, wipe / pat dry with paper towel, chop up.

  6. When the worst of the blood has cooked on the liver, scoop them + the onions/leek to one side of the frying pan…. add a bit more butter / cooking oil to that space, then throw in the mushroom.

  7. Mix up the Bisto gravy granules to make the gravy with (unless you’ve got some other form of gravy mixed up another way already ready)…………… get the liver / onion / leek / mushrooms all mixed in together.

  8. Pour in the gravy, mix it in, leave to simmer. stir occasionally.

  9. See to the stuff you plan to serve with it… mashed potato + peas/petit pois seems to go well with it…. you could probably also include boiled/steamed carrot.

  10. serve it


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