Quick and easy rum or brandy truffles

Preparation time: 40 mins Cooking time: 0 mins Serves: Makes approx 20


Easy, no real cooking required, lovely liqueur truffles. No eggs or cream like a lot of truffle recipes so keep well too. Great as homemade gifts or just to treat yourself for a lot less than buying Thorntons!


  • 125g Chocolate (Preferably dark but could use Milk)
  • 50g Unsalted butter
  • 125g plain sponge (eg trifle / flan base / plain cake)
  • 50g Icing sugar
  • 25ml Dark rum or Brandy
  • 50g Cocoa powder or Icing sugar (for dusting)
  • Chocolate sprinkles for extra decoration (optional)


  • Melt chocolate and butter in a dish over a saucepan of hot water, don’t let the water boil, just melt it slowly
  • Meanwhile, crumble the sponge (I used a small blender but you could do this by hand)
  • Add the icing sugar (sifted) and chosen liqueur to the sponge crumbs
  • Pour the melted chocolate and butter into this mix
  • Stir together until well mixed
  • If it seems too wet then add more icing sugar, if too dry add more booze!
  • Cover and refrigerate for 10-20 mins to make it easier to mould
  • Dust fingers with icing sugar or cocoa to prevent sticking and then make individual balls to preferred size and roll in cocoa or icing sugar and sprinkles if wanted
  • Eat!

(Tip… if giving as a gift, keep old chocolate boxes with the plastic trays in and re-cover them with attractive wrapping paper then use these to present your truffles)


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