New Zealand Mousetrap

Cooking time: 10+mins Easy - for beginners Serves: 1+


the perfect food to catch and trap your little mice


  • bread - sliced,
  • 1 egg,
  • cheese grated (yellow or white cheddar) - in a small pile in length of the middle finger or about 2.5inches,
  • onion-optional,
  • worcheshire sauce-optional,
  • marmite or vegemite (vegemite for vegetarians)
  • bacon (only optional for vegetarians)


  • cut several strips of bacon into small lengths, and start cooking.
  • preheat oven to 350degrees,
  • toast several slices of bread, as many as desired,
  • slice an eighth of an onion into small bits.
  • spread marmite or vegemite onto toast
  • break egg into a mixing bowl
  • grate cheese into a pile to almost entire length of middle finger.
  • put cheese into mixing bowl with egg, and mix well, should become gooey.
  • add onion bits
  • spread egg-cheese mixture on top of the marmite/vegemite on toast. like cheese on a pizza.
  • add bacon when COMPLETELY cooked. (like you would with peperoni on a pizza)
  • put on cooking tray and into oven at 350.
  • cook intill cheese is melted as desired.
  • please wait for a few minutes to cool a bit.


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