Sugar Glazed Carrots

Easy - for beginners



  • Ingredients
  • ¢ 5-6 large Carrots, peeled
  • ¢ 4 -8 TBSP Butter, cut into about 6-7 pieces
  • ¢ ½ C Brown Sugar
  • ¢ (Optional) 1 tsp Orange Zest


¢ Cut carrots into larger bite-sized pieces o Can cut carrots diagonally for larger pieces (it also looks fancy to cut them at angle) o Put chopped carrots into microwave-safe container, and add butter pieces, spacing butter pieces so that all carrots will be drenched in butter after cooking ¢ Sprinkle ½ C Brown Sugar all over carrots and butter, ensuring that the top is equally covered with buttery/sugary goodness o Can also add orange rind at this point for buttery/sugary/citrusy goodness ¢ Microwave carrots for 10-12 minutes, or until soft, serve warm

Recipe Variations: o For Roasted Sugar Carrots:  Oven Method: ¢ After cooking in microwave, set oven to low broil, strain the liquid from the carrots, and return carrots to microwave-safe/oven-safe container; sprinkle additional ¼ C brown sugar on top of carrots, and put carrots under broiler, checking every couple of minutes to avoid burning the carrots or starting a kitchen fire  Blow-Torch Method: ¢ After straining the carrots form the liquid, place carrots on flat cookie sheet lined with foil, and sprinkle carrot slices equally with ¼ cup Brown sugar ¢ Using a small blow torch, carefully caramelize carrot slices, taking care not to burn the carrots or light the carrot slices on fire

o For Honey-Glazed Carrots: Substitute ½ C Honey for ½ C Brown Sugar o For Agave-Glazed Carrots: Substitute ½ C Agave Nectar for ½ C Brown Sugar


Dessert  · Snack  · Side  · Sugar  · Butter  · Carrots  · Brown  · Gluten free

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