Vegetarian Cafe Minnie’s Tomato Basil Soup

A recipe for the wonderful and well-known tomato basil soup that Cafe Minnie’s in Seattle, WA served. As the cafe is no more, someone who used to work there gave the inside info so we could still enjoy it.

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Cannoli Siciliani
Vegetarian Cannoli Siciliani

Cannoli are probably the most famous pastry from the island of Sicily. The have a long history with records of Cannoli being found as far back as 1635. Cannoli are one of those creations that “ are difficult to get just right.

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Vegetarian  · Vegan  · Dairy free  · Nut free Cha Cha Relish

Cha Cha is used as a condiment like any relish. Also many recipes are enhanced by adding a tablespoon of Cha Cha while cooking. Use when cooking green beans, chicken, black eyed peas, mustard/turnip greens and any kind of soup or chili.

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Cheese Naan
Vegetarian  · Dairy free Cheese Naan

pre heat oven to 180 c and oil, spray or grease a baking tray and place in the oven Mix all the “dough” ingredients together and add warm water slowly until it makes a nice soft dough ball if its too sloppy just add a little extra flour and vice versa turn out onto a floured surface and knead about 5 mins flour the ball of dough and set aside in a warm place for a few mins, you can leave it for up to an hour but its not that important if youre pressed for time like i somethimes am.

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