Cannoli Siciliani
Vegetarian Cannoli Siciliani

Cannoli are probably the most famous pastry from the island of Sicily. The have a long history with records of Cannoli being found as far back as 1635. Cannoli are one of those creations that “ are difficult to get just right.

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Vegetarian Italian Almond Cake - Giada De Laurentiis

Chef Giada De Laurentiis prepared this on her show “Everyday Italian.” The episode featured a “Polenta Party” but this light cake sounded so much like it could be a great addition to Thanksgiving or Christmas menus that I wanted to get it down and post it

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Vegetarian Italian War Soup

This hearty, meatless soup was popular in Italy during World War II because of the scarcity of meat. My aunt, America Vincenzi, taught me how to make this soup which she learned from her mother-in-law in Italy.

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Papifferi Pasta (Double Pasta)
Nut free Papifferi Pasta (Double Pasta)

(Double Pasta - Gnocchi, Ravioli) Papifferi sind meine eigene Kreation einer Doppelpasta. Im Inneren einer frisch hergestellten Hartweizenpasta wird eine Kartoffelpasta (Gnocchi) “versteckt”. Das Ganze wird mit einer Sauce aus frischen Pilzen serviert.

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Vegetarian The TCB Sandwich

This is one of my all time favourite sandwiches. I would love to say it was inspired by Elvis, but I’m not real keen on deep frying. It wasn’t even inspired by the Guess Who. It’s just tomato, caciocavallo and basil.

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