3-2-1 CRUMBLE!
Vegetarian  · Nut free 3-2-1 CRUMBLE!

A simple and delicious crumble (aka, crisp) recipe calibrated so that the measures are either 1, 3, or 1/3. That way you can remember it when the internet is down and you can’t access Recipe Binder. Rhubarb, plums, peaches, apples, all work well here.

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Vegetarian  · Nut free 4 - H Butter Cake

Preheat oven to 350 for shiny pan or 325 for glass and dark pans. Grease one 9X9X2 square pan or two 8-inch layer pans. Cream together butter and sugar at medium speed.

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Arancini with N’duja
Nut free Arancini with N’duja

Bite-sized Italian nibbles will make an interesting alternative or addition to traditional dim sum this Chinese New Year. Try , canederli (Italian dumplings with speck), ricotta and parmesan dumplings or arancini (deep fried risotto balls)¦

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Vegetarian  · Nut free Bannock

For the fluffiest results, toss the ingredients together as few times as possible. When cooking, use two spatulas to turn “ one to lift and the other to support “ to keep the hot oil from splashing.

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Best Vegan Cornbread
Vegetarian  · Vegan  · Dairy free  · Nut free Best Vegan Cornbread

While this doesn’t quite compete with the cornbread I had at a church cafeteria in Harlem, this is best vegan cornbread recipe I’ve ever tried. It leaves room for additions, like corn, peppers or chipotles. From the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook.

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Vegetarian  · Vegan  · Dairy free  · Nut free Cabbagechino

I love this recipe and shock people when they find out there is cabbage in it, about one of the only ways that my husband will eat cabbage. And if anyone knows my husband he is just as picky as a 4 year old. But he loves this and has it for breakfast!

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Campbells Soup Chili Con Carde
Nut free Campbells Soup Chili Con Carde

Wondering what to do with all those cans of Campbell Soup. Heres a chili dish you can whip up in a hurry, or simmmer in the crock pot. It taste better than Campbells Hearty stock because you make it yourself.

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Vegetarian  · Vegan  · Dairy free  · Nut free Cha Cha Relish

Cha Cha is used as a condiment like any relish. Also many recipes are enhanced by adding a tablespoon of Cha Cha while cooking. Use when cooking green beans, chicken, black eyed peas, mustard/turnip greens and any kind of soup or chili.

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